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Hotshots is the Tennis Australia introductory program for kids wanting to learn the game of tennis. It uses low compression balls, smaller tennis racquets and smaller court sizes to allow the kids to have fun and rally from their first lesson. As the kids grow and get older the ball compression, racquet size and court size also increase.

Kids partake in different ball striking, rallying, tennis based games, co-ordination, agility and point play activities.

The emphasis throughout the lessons is playing, so learning how to serve, rally and score in games is paramount. As they progress through the 3 developmental stages (red, yellow and green) the complexity of the scoring systems used increases as do the stroke techniques and tactical plays. When kids first start they enter the program at the recommended development phase for their age.

Maximum 5 per court

Red lessons $9 for 30 minute lesson
Orange lessons $9-$12.50 for 30-45 min lesson
Green lessons $12.50-$15.50 for 45-60 min lesson

What is MLC Tennis Hot Shots?

A free trial Hot Shots lesson is available at Guccione Tennis